Biotechnology and Cancer 2010

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Breast Cancer and Biotechnology

The Seminar Paper and Questions

Breast Cancer and Biotechnology Seminar Paper

Download the seminar paper and read this in preparation for your in-school workshop prior to the seminar on April 29th, 2010.

Breast Cancer and Biotechnology Question Paper

Download the seminar questions. Use the focus questions to help you as you read the paper.

Post a question for the seminar

  • If you would like to ask a question about the seminar paper before the seminar please click here. Questions will be answered during the seminar.

Seminar Chat

  • To enter the online live chat please click here. During the chat you are encouraged to ask questions. Your questions will be answered during the seminar, either during the chat, or at the end of the broadcast or afterwards on the wiki.
  • You need a username and password to enter the chat. If you don't have one go to the seminar chat registration page. This needs to be done BEFORE the day of the seminar.

The Challenge Questions

  • The CHALLENGE QUESTIONS are for discussion in your school workshop after the seminar.
  • Make sure that you post your ideas and answers to the challenge questions here. This page will be monitored by teachers and scientists who will respond to your discussion.

Watch the Seminar later

Click here to download part one of the this seminar, Click here to download part two of the seminar or click on the player below to watch the streaming version

Links to your school programme

This seminar links to NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standards:

  • AS 90714 Biology 3.2 Research a contemporary biological issue
  • AS 90715 Biology 3.3 Describe the role of DNA in relation to gene expression
  • AS 90718 Biology 3.6 Describe applications of biotechnological techniques

A list of objectives from your Year 13 programme that link into the seminar can be found on page 3 of the Breast Cancer and Biotechnology Question Paper

Useful Links for this Seminar

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