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The Blue to be Green School Yard Challenge  

How is your school contributing to New Zealand's environmental health?

Are you recycling, using long life light bulbs, printing double sided, walking, biking or using public transport?
What about in the school grounds? Do the gardens get fertilized with the product of worm farms in each classroom? Do you have school composting?
Phacelia tanacetifolia or Tansy, is a plant that produces masses of blue flowers which could contribute to reducing the use of pesticides in your school grounds. 

Thanks to King's Seeds, we have supplied all registered LENScience Connect schools with a packet of Phacelia tanacetifolia and are challenging you to improve the biodiverstiy in your school by planting these fantastic blue flowering plants. 

The challenge

Can your class or school environmental group design an investigation to find out whether planting a strip of Phacelia increases the diversity of insects in a section of your school grounds?

Encouraging Biodiversity

Student Worksheet

Going Blue to be Green

Student Leaders:

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