Connecting via the National Education Network

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Schools on the National Education Network

A small number of New Zealand schools are connected to the National Education Network (NEN).
To find out if you are connected, go to or speak to your IT department.

These schools have access to the high speed KAREN network which if they have the muticasting functionality enabled, will allow them to receive the broadcasts directly through the internet with no problems of signal delay etc that schools on a normal broadband connection would experience.

Schools wishing to participate in this way should contact Robert Hamilton at
For these schools, a web address will be sent on the day of the broadcast for connection.
Please note the video stream is viewed in Windows MediaPlayer - available for free from Microsoft.

To view video of last year’s seminars please go to 2009 Seminar Series . The video can be found by clicking on the seminar title in the Quick Links Box and then ‘Watch the Seminar’