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Frequently Asked Questions

Q> I can't remember my password for the wiki. What do I do?

A> Go to the Login page (Click on Log In/Create Account in the grey box on the left). Enter your username and click on the box Email Password. If you want a school password, the email will be sent to the person who first registered the school. If this person has left, then email our Helpdesk and they will reset your password.

Q> Do I need to log in to be able to download the seminar papers?

A> No you don't. You only need to log in if you want to post a question or take part in the post-seminar discussions. Logging in allows you to edit the wiki.

Q> I can't remember how to edit the wiki.

A> Instructions for how to find your way around the wiki, how to use the seminar chat and how to edit the wiki can be found on the Teacher and Student information pages and also on the Introductory Workshop page.