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Gene Expression Discussion Page

Challenge Question 1

Using information from the seminar, define what the term early life nutritional environment means and using the evidence provided in the paper, discuss the potential that early life environment has to impact on the health and well being of the individual. In your answer consider the following areas: early puberty; obesity; adult diseases.

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Challenge Question 2

It is well known that diet and lifestyle impact on health. Scientists have shown that in addition to environment during adulthood impacting on likelihood of disease, the environment that we are exposed to in the womb can alter our metabolic pathways and increase our likelihood of suffering from a number of adult diseases. Scientists are currently exploring why this happens and predict that it may be a result of epigenetic modifications in the relevant genes.
Using the information presented in the seminar paper and your knowledge of gene expression, explain what is meant by epigenetic modification and why these modifications could potentially alter the phenotype that is expressed.

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