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South City High School - Student MB    16th April 2pm

Explain how a transgenic plant is created and what biotechnologies are required to do this.

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Challenge Question 2

The scientific team found that as well as affecting shoots and leaves, inhibiting Auxin Binding Protein affected the growth of roots. As with the shoots they ran tests with and without ethylene to check that the gene was being turned off.

The photomicrographs below show what the cells looked like in the roots The white arrows show how extensive the meristematic tissue was in the roots. Meristematic tissue is the tissue in plants that can still divideā€”it is undifferentiated.

We know that when ABP1 was inactive the roots did not grow.
What does the information in the micrographs above tell us about the role of ABP1 in root growth?
Why did having ABP1 turned off stop the roots from growing?