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LENScience "I Love My Heart" Year 7 - 10 National Education Event      

This science and health education event will take Year 7 – 10 students on a dynamic journey of discovery, explaining just how amazing the human heart is, how it functions, what heart disease is, and how to look after your heart. The programme will use live demonstrations of heart rate, blood pressure and EKG, audio-visuals, models and audience participation providing students with a take home message that is relevant to their lives and their futures.

Watch the event recording

Schools can watch or download the recording of the event. Click here to access this................

Event Information for Schools

The event was held in Auckland,and broadcast via Satellite TV and the Natonal Education Network so that schools thoughout New Zealand could participate live.

Date: May15th, 2009            

Resources for Teachers

Post event learning activities for Year 7-10 students are available here

To watch the Seminar again, please click here

Event Support

"Love My Heart" is supported by:

  • The Liggins Institute
  • The National Research Centre for Growth and Development
  • The University of Auckland
  • The University of Southampton
  • KordiaTM
  • R2.co.nz
  • ProVision NZ Ltd
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • The NZ Heart Foundation