Introductory Workshop 2011

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Introductory Seminar

Tasks 1 & 2

LENScience Summer Programmes


LENScience Connect 2011 Senior Biology Seminar Series – Series Launch for teachers and students

Thursday 3rd March 3:45pm – 5:00pm
This event is designed to help teachers and students understand how to make the most of the programme.

  • What is the LENScience Seminar Series?
  • How do I get the most out of it? Tips from previous students.
  • What is live-chat? – have a computer near where you are watching the seminar to join other students in the live online chat.
  • Announcement of student incentive prizes and school awards.
  • Meet our student ambassador team – current university students who participated in the seminar series in previous years.

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Michal Denny   |  Jacquie Bay   |   Helen Mora

Introductory Seminar Discussion Paper

Introductory Seminar Discussion Paper

Download the Seminar Discussion Paper. Work your way through the activities prior to the seminar to help you prepare for the seminar series. For links and to post your responses go to the Introductory Seminar Discussion page.

If you have any questions that you would like answered during or after the seminar post them on the Introductory Seminar Questions Page.

Where are you?


Where are you joining us from?

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How to use the wiki and seminar chat

Instructions on How To...

(click on a link below to download instructions)

Post a question for the workshop

  • If you have any questions about the seminar series or the wiki, you can post them here. Questions will be answered during the seminar. We will also check this page after the seminar has finished.

Seminar Chat

You need a username and password to enter the chat. If you don't have one you need to register for the seminar series. This needs to be done BEFORE the day of the seminar.


During the LIVECHAT you are can ask questions.

Your questions will be answered during the seminar; either during the chat, or at the end of the broadcast.

Those questions that are not answered during the seminar will be answered afterwards on the wiki.

Watch the Introductory Workshop later

Click here to download a copy of this seminar.

You can also watch the streaming version by clicking on the player below:

Preparing for the First Seminar

Things you need to do to get ready for the first seminar on March 17th:

  1. Students: you need to register in order to receive email updates. To do this please complete the student registration form found on the LENScience Bookings and Registrations page. Teachers you can also register if you weren't registered with when your school was. If you are getting emails from us then you've been registered.
  2. Download the seminar paper and question paper from the Seminar 1 wikipage.
  3. Take part in the pre-seminar workshop at your school.
  4. Post any questions you have about the seminar onto the Seminar 1 Question Page.