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Introductory Seminar Tasks 1 and 2

Michal Denny 21st February

Hi everyone, and welcome to the introductory seminar discussion page.

Your first task here is to learn how to edit a wiki page. In the table below there is a movie taking you through the steps or a pdf of the instructions. Have a look at these before moving onto Task 2 below.

Guide to discussion

-Be polite
-Assume good faith
-No personal attacks
-Be welcoming

How to edit a wiki movie or if you are in a rush, there is the quick-edit movie. These show you how to contribute to this discussion page. If you cannot open the movie,here are the instructions as a pdf file

Here is an example of how to write in this page:

SouthCity High School: Student BC -  25th April 2pm

Make sure that you put your school name and some kind of personal ID (your initials are a good idea). 

It is helpful if you state whether you are a student, teacher or scientist  -e.g this person is Student BC from Southcity High School.

Also write the date and the time.

Then just start typing your question or comment...............................

When you've finished add a line (there's a button on the top row to do this, fourth from the right)

Remember to scroll down and save the page at the end.

Michal Denny 21st February

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