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LENScience Face to Face Class Day Programmes

Programmes are held in the Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom at the Liggins Institute.

Programmes are designed as single day events with pre and post learning activities for use in school.

All programmes are designed and delivered by experienced, registered New Zealand science teachers.

Students must come as a class group with their science/biology teacher. This is in order to ensure that pre and post visit learning in school is effective.

School Visit Information for Teachers 

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The Programmes

Year 13 - The Role of Biotechnology in Scientific Research

This programme illustrates to students how concepts that are taught in Year 13 Biology and Science courses are directly linked to current research being conducted by New Zealand scientists

Year 9-10 - DNA Discovery Day

This programme is designed to introduce students to the concept of DNA, and how scientists learn about human and agricultural health through the study of DNA in humans and animal models.  

Year 9-10 - Me Myself My Environment: Healthy Start to Life (Puberty)

This programme is designed to encourage students to explore the nature of science within the context of health and well being.  Students will explore through stories, research that is attempting to unravel the reasons 21st century children go through puberty at approximately 11-13 years while 19th century children experienced puberty at 16-17 years of age.   

Year 7-9 - Me Myself My Environment: Healthy Start to Life (Nutrition)

This programme is designed to encourage students to explore the nature of science in the context of nutrition. Students will explore the concept of "being healthy" and stories of research that show how nutrition at different stages of life can affect health and well being.


"A huge thank you to the Liggins Institute for having the insight and initiative to set up the Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom and the LENScience programme. They are greatly appreciated by our students and teachers and offer practical experience we cannot hope to match at our school."  Max Thomson, HOD Biology Auckland Grammar School.

"The students really enjoyed the session at Liggins. I found the time went very quickly, and thought what you offered was really valuable for the class. .....many of them also commented on the session with the scientists. They felt the personal interview/discussion gave a valuable and informative insight into what lies ahead for them.  Especially because many have no siblings at university to talk to about what to expect."  Kathryn Garthwaite, HOD Science Tuakau College.

"As usual our students had a fantastic time. Thanks to the team there. You are doing an awesome job for our kids."  Manjula Handjani, HOD Science Aorere College.

"The feedback from the Year 9 students was positive and they really enjoyed using your equipment. The use of data-loggers during exercise so that pupils could see in real-time the effects that they were experiencing was of real benefit.  Some of the pupils began to try and manipulate their results and were beginning to understand the factors that affect heart rate and blood pressure. The pupils also made lots of positive comments about the 'meet the scientist' and the DNA extraction.  We all feel that the students learned a great deal from our visit."   Shelley Dudley, Greenbay High School.

"I would like to commend the staff who run this programme. My daughter in the 7th form at Epsom Girls Grammar School attended earlier this year and she and her classmates were very impressed by the quality of the presentations and the professionalism of the scientists. She was especially impressed with their ability to get across to the audience that science is complex and not always clear cut as the popular press would have us believe. She also went away feeling some of her friends had their eyes opened to the pseudoscience she had been arguing with them about for months if not years."  Kevin Hicks, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, The University of Auckland.

"What a fantastic programme – to the best of my knowledge there is nothing else like it on offer in the field of science. This programme directly targets our potential scientists of the future and makes the link for our students between curriculum and the ‘real deal’.  What a fantastic opportunity.  We have had only positive feedback from our students, they have raved with enthusiasm at the experience and those that I have spoken to found both the postgraduate students they spoke to inspiring."   Charl van der Heever, HOD Biology, Manurewa High School.