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LENScience Teacher Professional Development Regional Centres 2010

Please Note -

  1. If you would like to participate in the professional development via a regional centre or by joining a neighbouring school, please contact the school by emailing the co-ordinating teacher below.
  2. If you are participating this way, booking through LENScience is still required.
  3. Keep checking this webpage as we have more regional venues coming on board.

Regional Venue
Co-ordinating Teacher
Method of Connection
 Westlake Boys High School
North Auckland
Tim Holden
Satellite TV

Alfriston College

Venue: School Library

South Auckland
Brent Booker Satellite TV


Venue: Liggins Institute Seminar Room

Central Auckland
Michal Denny
KAREN network

Green Bay High School

Venue: E11 in the Science Block. Walk along the driveway past reception and look down to your right. You will see into the classroom. Carry on down the driveway to the steps and retrace your steps on the lower level.

West Auckland
Linda Haycock Satellite TV
 Waiuku College
Kirsty Couper
Satellite TV
 Hillcrest High School
Nick Bryant
Satellite TV

Otumoetai College

Venue: E13 upstairs in the Science Block

Bay of Plenty
Keith Macown
Satellite TV

Rotorua Boys High School

Rotorua Angela Sharples Karen Network

Taupo-Nui-A-Tia College

Location: Room F12

Nigel Vanner
Satellite TV

Lytton High School

Sally Willock Satellite TV
 Chilton Saint James
Lower Hutt
Sylvia Hill
Satellite TV

Wellington East Girls' College

Available for Chemicals in our Food Teacher PD 18th November only

Wellington Central
Alex Perry National Education Network (KAREN)

University of Otago

Venue: Room 208 Biochemistry Building

Megan Leask
KAREN network

Southland Girls High School (Not available September 23rd)

Venue: Room 4ST in the main block

Robyn Garden
Satellite TV