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This page is available for teachers and IT technicians from participating schools to share information regarding technical set up that may be of use to other participants.

On some set top units a Blind Or PID scan is required to locate the Test signal as we do not publish the Freeview information and the units filter out the channel by default. 

Instructions for Hills STB

Test Signal - Video At present the service is unattributed - displaying a black background, with the single word "Test" in the middle of the screen, and a small "flying dot" moving from side to side below the text.

Tuning in a Hills receiver The Freeview certified Hills IRD was tuned to the signal using the following procedure:

Press "Menu" Press "5. Installation Settings" Press "6. TV Reception and Channel search" Press "4. Manual Channel Search" Select the 12456 MHz carrier Perform a search.

When this is done, the receiver pauses and then lists the services found on that carrier, which will include 1 new service. The Hills box identifies it as "N47/1932".

Topfield TF6000Fe Tuning procedure

Menu ok
Installation ok
Factory setting ok
Reset all data yes

Menu ok
Installation ok
LNB setting ok
Satellite Name Optus D1 KU (not ‘C’ band)
LNB Frequency 11300 or if it’s unknown, search thru the list and watch the yellow ‘Quality’ bar at the bottom of the screen.
LNB power on
22KHz off
DiSEQC 1.1 disable
DiSEQC 1.0 disable
Service search ok
Satellite Name Optus D1
Search mode Manual
Frequency 12456
Symbol Rate 22500
Polarisation Vertical
Network Search off
Start search ok

Save search ok
Scroll thru the channel list and you should see Optus D1 KU1932

MediaPortal setup:
Southland Girls' High School: Intranet Manager - 29th April, 2009 10:50am

This can be quite detailed if you aren't already familiar with this system.
The feed once found off Optus D1 is listed as Channel: 1932 (or Unknown 78C)
If not found, it should be one of the differing names listed from the Freeview type feeds.
If you do need further assistance contact
If you are unfamiliar with MediaPortal it is a GPL based TV software for a PC which allows TV streaming, recording & timeshifting over a LAN.