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Technology - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the technology being used in this programme, please email to

A Technology Discussion Page has been set up to allow schools to share ideas that may be of benefit to other participants.

Q> Can I use our Freeview HD or sky terrestrial aerial?
A> No. They point to a local terrestrial (ground based) transmitter in your region and to get the coverage to as many schools as possible we are transmitting from a Satellite that covers all of New Zealand. You will need a satellite dish antenna and it will need to point towards the satellite

Q> If I’m not sure on the dish or decoder who should I ask.
A> We recommend talking to your local installer (most can be found under sky installers in the yellow pages) who will be able to give advice on what they have available locally and will work in this situation. Secondary you can contact us on  

Q> We are setting up our receiver for these seminars and need to know which satellite is being used. I understand sky broadcasts from two satellites optus D1 and optus c1. Could you tell us which of these to use and if possible the frequency.

A> The satellite is the Optus D1 and Frequency = 12456MHz

As there are a large choice of decoders on the market and it is impossible for us to get one of every make and model please help us help others by contributing to the Technology Discussion Page.