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University of Canterbury Science Outreach

Year 13 Biology students in the Canterbury region have the opportunity to participate in the 2010 LENScience Senior Biology seminar series. It is a great way for students to extend and reinforce their knowledge in preparation for NCEA Level 3 Biology and/or NZQA NZ Scholarship Biology exams. The seminar and associated workshop material is designed to teach students how to apply knowledge and concepts to new situations.

To encourage as many schools and students as possible to participate, University of Canterbury Outreach will run each seminar at a UC venue.

This will provide a great environment for students to listen and share ideas and participate in discussions around the seminar topics. In addition refreshments will be provided!

If you have students interested in attending the LENScience Senior Biology Seminars at the University of Canterbury please register by contacting

Information for Canterbury Hub Schools


The seminar series will be broadcast in the E1 lecture theatre in the Engineering Department. This lecture theatre is close to Creyke Road not far from the College of Engineering office.

Click here for UC campus map showing the location of the central lecture theatres and possible visitor parking areas.

If you have trouble locating the lecture theatre once on campus please text or call Rachel Wright at 021 168 5242.


There are several options for parking. If you are lucky you may find parking on Creyke Road or in the small carpark beside the new NZI3 building on Creyke Road. Another option for parking is in the area beside the new Biology building. You can find this area by turning down Forestry Road which is off Creyke Road. Drive all the way down Forestry Road until you reach the big carpark. It is a large parking area with obvious construction occurring right at the end. If you park on campus you do need a parking coupon. . Please email Rachel Wright if you need a parking coupon.

Programme Details

3:30pm Refreshments in the foyer of the E1 lecture theatres

3:45pm Seminar broadcast begins

Contact us:

Rachel Wright, Outreach Coordinator, College of Science, University of Canterbury | 03 364 2178 | 021 168 5242 |

Joan Gladwyn,Outreach Coordinator,College of Science, University of Canterbury | 03 364 2178 |