Feast or Famine seminar 2008

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Feast or Famine

Exploring the impact of environment on gene expression and evolution

Level 3 Achievement Standards linking to this seminar:

AS 90715 Biology 3.3 Describe the role of DNA in relation to gene expression

AS 90717  Biology 3.5  Describe processes and patterns in evolution

Key Concepts from Level 3 Biology that link to this seminar:

You should review these concepts from your Year 13 programme before the seminar

Gene Expression:

  • Describe DNA in terms of structure and function
  • Describe the process of DNA replicaton and the role that enxymes have in this process
  • Describe the process of protein synthesis and the role of DNA and enzymes in the production of proteins
  • Describe the role of DNA in gene expression and the determination of phenotype
  • Describe the control of gene expression at the transciptional level in prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  • Describe the role of metabolic pathways in the control of gene expression

Challenge Questions:

1. In 1859, Darwin and Wallace jointly presented their theory of evolution of species based around the concept of natural selection. Discuss the role of environment in this theory.

2. What does the evidence presented by Dr Sloboda in her seminar suggest about the relationship between the environment, gene expression and inheritance.

3. In 2006 evidence was presented by scientists that .................................................. Discuss the impact of understanding of epigenetic inheritance on traditional models of evolution.

Questions Arising