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LENScience Connect National Education Events

LENScience National Education Events are student programmes arranged to coincide with national science events, international conferences and visiting scientists. Programmes bring students and scientists together, are curriculum linked and in most cases supported with teacher professional development. There are a number of schools and universities that have offered to be regional venues for these National Education Events. Alternatively if your school has a satellite dish and decoder or is on the National Education Network, you can participate that way. For more information see the LENScience Connect Technology Information page.

LENScience Connect National Education Events 2011

Event 1: Year 11 Science: Diabetes - An Issue For My Community

New Zealand is currently experiencing an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, driven mainly by the increasing numbers of people who are overweight and obese. In New Zealand the epidemic most severely affects Māori and Pasifika peoples. This workshop is aimed at students and teachers using this as a context for learning in Year 11 Science. Resource material for teachers and students can be found on the Diabetes and Obesity Research Context page

Date | Time | Venue:

Thursday 5th May | 1:30pm | Broadcasting live from Fale Pacifica, University of Auckland City campus via Satellite TV or the National Education Network

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Event 2: Me Myself My Environment

Date | Time | Venue

Wednesday 7th September | Times below | Broadcasting Live from the Fisher & Paykel Auditorium - Owen G Glenn Bldg, University of Auckland City campus via Satellite TV or the National Education Network

11:00am - 12:30pm Year 7-8  - Nutrition Matters

1:30pm - 2:30pm    Year 9-10 -  Puberty Now

Previous National Educational Events:

  Year 12 - 13

  • Meddling with Reproduction | Professor Sir Robert Winston |  Imperial College, London 
  • More Cuddle Less Stress - The effect of early maternal care on gene expression  | Professor Michael Meaney | McGill University, Montreal
  • Nutrigenomics: Food to Match your Genes 2010  | Professor Lynn Ferguson | Dr Matthew Barnett | Jacquie Bay | Michal Denny

 Year 7 - 11