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=== <u>Event 3: Environmental Toxins<br></u><br>  ===
=== <u><big>Event 3: Environmental Toxins</big></u><br>  ===
'''Audience:''' Year 7-10 Science Students  
'''Audience:''' Year 7-10 Science Students  

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LENScience Special Events

LENScience Special Events are student programmes arranged to coincide with national science events, international conferences and visiting scientists. Programmes bring students and scientists together, are curriculum linked and in most cases supported with teacher professional development.

Special Events 2010

Event 1: Nutrigenomics: Food to Match your Genes

Nutrigenomics is the study of the response of humans to food. Genomic, proteomic and metabolomic approaches are used in this work. The goal of nutrigenomics is to develop foods that can be matched to individual human genotypes to benefit the health of the individual.
The workshop will allow students to explore the FOLATE issue and find out how nutrigenomics can help society understand issues such as this.

The workshop has been developed and will be co-presented by LENScience teachers and scientists from the Department of Nutrition at the University of Auckland.
Schools will be provided with potential tasks for AS90769 and AS90714 based on this context.

Audience: Year 12 and 13 Biology and Science Students

Date | Time | Venue:

Session 1: Wednesday 5th May 2010      9:30am - 12:30pm  SESSION FULL
Session 2: Wednesday 5th May 2010      1:00pm - 4:00pm  
Venue: Fale Pasifika Complex (behind the Owen G. Glenn Building), 26 Wynyard Street, off Alten Road

Parking: Owen G. Glenn Car Park (Parking charges apply)

Event Cost: No charge


Professor Lynn Ferguson | Dr Matthew Barnett | Jacquie Bay | Michal Denny

Workshop Programme:

Part 1:            Nutrigenomics what is it?  How does it affect me?
Part 2:            Taste Testing: Tastes to match my genes
Part 3:            Folate: The facts and the uncertainties - dealing with controversial data
Part 4:            Student Break-Out Groups - preparation for role-play debate
Part 5:            Role-play debate chaired by Professor Lynn Ferguson

Curriculum links:

New Zealand Curriculum - Science / Biology Level 7 - 8

Assessment Links:

AS90769 Research an interaction between Humans and an Aspect of Biology
AS90714 Research a contemporary biological issue
AS90718 Describe applications of biotechnological techniques

Bookings: Click here to make a booking for your students

Queries: Phone 09-923 4282


Nutrigenomics New ZealandThe Royal Society of New Zealand

Nutrigenomics Teacher Professional Development Seminar

As part of this special event there will also be a teacher professional development seminar to support teachers in using the nutrigenomics context in the classroom. Click here for further information.

Event 2: Diabetes and Obesity in My Community

Audience: Year 10 Science Students

Date | Time
Venue: Fale Pasifika Complex (behind the Owen G. Glenn Building), 26 Wynyard Street, off Alten Road

Parking: Owen G. Glenn Car Park (Parking charges apply)

Event Cost: No charge


Event 3: Environmental Toxins

Audience: Year 7-10 Science Students

Date | Time

Venue: Fisher and Paykel Auditorium, Owen G. Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road.

Parking: Owen G. Glenn Car Park (Parking charges apply)

Event Cost: No charge Presenters:

Previous special events:

Year 12 - 13

  • Meddling with Reproduction | Professor Sir Robert Winston |  Imperial College, London 
  • More Cuddle Less Stress - The effect of early maternal care on gene expression  | Professor Michael Meaney | McGill University, Montreal

Year 7-11

  • Love My Heart | Professor Mark Hanson | University of Southampton

 Teaching and Learning resources including a downloadable version of the event are available here.