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 LENScience Teacher Professional Development Series 2010

The LENScience Teacher Professional Development Series 2010 will provide a range of seminars and workshops for teachers throughout the year. Each seminar or workshop is a stand-alone event, allowing teachers to tailor their participation in the programme to their personal needs. We are also pleased to announce that we will trial the Teacher PD events via LENScience Connect during 2010 to enable teachers from throughout New Zealand to participate in these events. We are encouraging teachers to get together to participate in the PD to facilitate discussion and collaboration. There are a number of schools and universities that have offered to be regional venues for the PD. Click here to see the list. Alternatively if your school has a satellite dish and decoder or is on the National Education Network, you can participate that way.

Special Event: Literacy: developing high impact teaching and leadership strategies for improved student outcomes

This professional development seminar is brought to you in conjunction with the University of Auckland's Centre for Educational Leadership.

Presenters: Professor Stuart McNaughton and Aaron Wilson, University of Auckland Woolf Fisher Research Centre.

Date |  Time | Venue

November 24th 2010 | 3:45 - 5:00pm | Live broadcast via LENScience Connect

Audience:Primary, secondary and tertiary teachers across all learning areas.

Event 1: NUTRIGENOMICS: A Context for Teaching Year 12-13 Biology

Part A: 4th Asia-Pacific Nutrigenomics Conference | Public Lecture

Part B: LENScience Teacher Seminar - Nutrigenomics In the Classroom

Tuesday 16 March 2010 | 4:00 - 5:00 pm | Broadcasting Live from The Liggins Institute via Satellite TV or the National Education Network

Part C: Nutrigenomics Student Workshop (For Year 12-13 Students)

Wednesday 5 May 2010 | Auckland University City campus,  | Two possible workshop times: 9:30 am - 12:30pm or 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

This workshop session is designed to introduce students to Nutrigenomics: Biology - Social Application - Ethics

Event 3: Chemicals in Our Food: A Context for Year 7-10 Science

We live in an industrial world where we we live in a highly processed and manufactured world. Just a hundred years ago things were very different; choices were smaller, most things were locally produced and the usual packaging was a brown paper bag. Life has changed significantly since then. The manufacture of a vast array of new chemicals has allowed these improvements in our lifestyles – the paints for our cars, the plastics to pack our food in, the red dyes on the MacDonald’s fries packet, the batteries for our cell phones, the yellow dyes we give our hens to make sure they lay yellow-yoked eggs, and so on, and so on… The problem is that every day we are all exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of different chemicals when we breathe contaminated air, eat contaminated food and drink contaminated water. The question is what are all these chemicals doing to us?  
Date | Time | Venue:

Thursday 18th November | 4:00 - 5:15 pm | Broadcasting Live from the Fisher & Paykel Auditorium - Owen G Glenn Bldg, 12 Grafton Rd, Auckland via Satellite TV or the National Education Network 

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