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LENScience has a new website. Click here.

LENScience is gradually moving to a new web site.  This process will take several months and will be completed during the latter half of 2012.

The following resources have not yet been moved over and are still avaiailble on this wiki site:

  • LENScience Connect and the Senior Biology Seminar Series Resources
  • Year 11 - Diabetes in my Community
  • Teacher Professional Development Resources
  • National Education Event resource archive.

Information about other programmes are held in the new site.

Thank you for your patience as we gradually move our resources across to this new site where we hope you will find everything far more easily.


LENScience provides school teachers and students with access to scientific research communities. Programmes are designed to inspire schools to maximise student potential through a wide range of high quality learning opportunities for both students and teachers. 

LENScience was established in 2006 by the Liggins Institute with strong support from the National Research Centre for Growth and Development, The Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate, The Lion Foundation and the Tertiary Education Commission.

All programmes are designed by experienced secondary school science teachers, working in collaboration with scientists.

News and Events

Latest news and events from LENScience.

LENScience Connect (Including the Senior Biology Seminar Series)  

LENScience Connect uses a combination of Satellite TV, Multicast and Web 2.0 to bring students from throughout New Zealand together for interactive science events.

The award winning Senior Biology Seminar Series provides a full year extension programme for Year 13 Biology classes, linking current New Zealand scientific research to concepts in the school curriculum. The programme is designed to be a partnership between schools and LENScience. The technology model used in delivery was designed by The University of Auckland Information Technology Services and Kordia™.  more................

LENScience Face to Face Class Programmes

LENScience Face to Face programmes are designed to provide opportunity for real, rather than virtual, engagement between schools, scientists and related communities.  All programmes are designed by experienced science educators working within scientific institutions.  Programmes take place in the Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom at the Liggins Institute. 

LENScience National Education Events

LENScience National Education Events are student programmes arranged to coincide with national science events, international conferences and visiting scientists. Programmes bring students and scientists together, are curriculum linked, and where possible supported with teacher professional development.

LENScience Teacher Professional Development

LENScience teacher professional development programmes are designed by teachers for teachers. Collaboration between New Zealand's leading scientists and LENScience ensures that all programmes offer teachers quality learning experiences that link the work of New Zealand scientists to the New Zealand Curriculum.

LENScience Alumni and Undergraduate Programmes

LENScience Alumni are offered access to development programmes during their university studies. 


Science Research Contexts and Stories

Explore research stories about the work of New Zealand scientists.

Go here to find more information about the research stories used in our programmes.

LENScience Bookings and Registration

LENScience programmes are almost all offered free of charge to New Zealand schools.
Booking requests for LENScience Face to Face programmes are taken in early Term 4 for the following year.
Registration for all LENScience Connect programmes is required from each participating school.
Booking and Registration for Special Events and Teacher Programmes occurs as these arise.

LENScience Permission Forms

Click here to find research study information and permission forms.

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Postal Address: 

LENScience | Liggins Institute | University of Auckland | Private Bag 92019 | Victoria Street West | Auckland 1142 | New Zealand

Street Address:

LENScience | Liggins Institute | 2-6 Park Avenue | Grafton | Auckland 1142 | New Zealand

Phone:  +64 9 923 5090


 For more information about:

  • LENScience Programmes  |  Jacquie Bay, Director LENScience |
  • The web technology used in the LENScience Connect | Robert Hamilton, Technology Architect, University of Auckland |
  • The satelite broadcast technology used in the LENScience Connect | Jannine Wilkinson, Account Director Kordia™ |
  • Television Productions | David Hedge, Director/Executive Producer VOLT TV PRODUCTIONS LTD |