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==LENS Senior Biology Series 2008==
==LENS Senior Biology Series 2008==

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LENS Senior Biology Series 2008

Welcome to the Liggins Education Network for Science Senior Biology Seminar Series 2008

  • The LENS Biology Seminar Series is designed to support students in their final preparation for NZQA Level 3 Biology and NZ Scholarship Biology examinations.
  • Three seminars will be presented by teachers and scientists.
  • The seminar topics are all linked to NCEA Level 3 Biology Achievement Standards.
  • Each seminar will conclude with a set of questions designed to challenge you in the same way that Level 3 excellence or Scholarship questions challenge!
  • Students are encouraged to use this web site to contribute to a discussion on how to answer those questions.
  • You may also post questions about the seminars on this web site.

Getting started