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LENS Senior Biology Series 2008

Welcome to the Liggins Education Network for Science Senior Biology Seminar Series 2008

  • The LENS Biology Seminar Series is designed to support students in their final preparation for NZQA Level 3 Biology and NZ Scholarship Biology examinations.
  • Three seminars will be presented by teachers and scientists.
  • The seminar topics are all linked to NCEA Level 3 Biology Achievement Standards.
  • Each seminar will conclude with a set of questions designed to challenge you in the same way that Level 3 excellence or Scholarship questions challenge!
  • Students are encouraged to use this web site to contribute to a discussion on how to answer those questions.
  • You may also post questions about the seminars on this web site.

Seminar Series 2008

Before Each Seminar: You will receive a seminar paper the week before each seminar. Read the paper and review the key concepts from the curriculum linked to the seminar. These will be listed for you. You may submit a question to the seminar via this web site if you wish.

The Seminar: If you are in the live audience – make sure you follow your instructions from your teacher regarding transport to the event. If you are in the remote audience – please make sure you know which room you are to go to and be there by 3:45pm. At the end of each seminar there will be a 15 minute question time. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions relating to the seminar and the post seminar challenge questions.

After the seminar: To make the most of this event for your examination preparation you should attempt to answer the challenge questions. This will be most beneficial if you talk to other students in your school about them and contribute to the collaborative web site that will be set up for all participating students. Instructions will be given with seminar paper.

Date Time Seminar Title Presenters Links to Level 3 ASs
21st October
3:45 - 5:00pm Feast or Famine: Exploring the impact of environment on gene expression and evolution. Dr Deb Sloboda
Research Fellow, Liggins Institute, NRCGD
Jane Campbell
Biology Teacher, Avondale College, RSNZ Teacher Fellow 2008, Liggins Institute
AS 90715 Describe the rol eof DNA is relation to gene expression
AS 90717 Describe processes and patterns of evolution
30th October
3:45 - 5:00pm The impact of advances in biotechnology on understanding and treatment of breast cancer. Professor Peter Lobie
Chair of Breast Cancer Research, University of Auckland, Liggins Institute, NRCGD
Dr Jo Perry
Research Fellow, Liggins Institute
Jacquie Bay
Director LENS, Liggins Institute, NRCGD
AS 90715 Describe the role of DNA is relation to gene expression
AS 90718 Describe applications of biotechnological techniques
6th November
3:45 - 5:00pm Walking Upright: the cost of human evolution on reproductive fitness. Professor Peter Gluckman
Director Liggins Institute, Director NRCGD
Jacquie Bay
Director LENS, Liggins Institute, NRCGD
AS 90717 Describe processes and patterns of evolution
AS 09719 Describe trends in human evolution

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