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 Image:Danerua.jpg             Dane Rua                Ex Massey High School
Senior Mentor
I started my academic journey at Massey High School where I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Whakapiki Ake and LENScience programmes.
Both were valued experiences and have given me more than I ever expected and I take great pleasure in working with them every summer.
I have just finished my third year of a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. That is, I will be in my fourth of 6 years of study at University in 2010. Post medicine I plan to further extend my studies into specialised areas such as surgery and paediatrics as I enjoy working with children and prefer to work directly on human anatomy. However, as we have had minimal exposure to various fields of medicine to date, I have little doubt that these will change. I guess that’s part of the reason I enjoy medicine so much, unpredictability and opportunity lure me.
I am currently flatting near the University of Auckland Grafton campus in an effort to reduce travel time/carbon emissions, i.e. save the world, but mostly for convenience as early morning classes quickly became the bane of my existence.
Enjoy, Dane Rua

Image:Lisareddy.jpg  Lisa Reddy Ex Kelston Girls College
Assistant Senior Mentor
I am a veteran of the Whakapiki Ake and Friedlander scholarship programmes, first participating in 2005. I have just completed my nursing degree and wouldn’t have taken the direction I have if it wasn’t for the contacts and experience I had in the programmes. I begin my honours in 2010 and hope to become a nurse practitioner in primary health care.
Looking forward to mentoring all the lovely little mentees!

Image:Emmalambert.jpg Emma Lambert Ex Manurewa High School
Assistant Senior Mentor
Residence: I reside at home with my parents in South Auckland.
Embarrassing but underrated.
Your current course of study: Biomedical science, and no, I’m not a med reject. Currently doing a summer studentship on Huntington’s disease.
Future plans: Hopefully becoming a great research scientist and change the dogmatic thinking of the science world. Buying a pretty house.
Past involvement with programme: WPA in 2007, Mentor in 2008.
I’m also the SBS Tuakana tutor for BioSci 107 and 106.
Kia Ora Whanau!

Image:Moniquepalaone.jpg Monique Palaone

Ex Church College
Assistant Senior Mentor

I graduated from Church College in 2007, after which I attended the Summer Exposure programme at Liggins as part of the Whakapiki Ake project. I returned to Liggins in 2008 as a mentor and had so much fun I am returning again. I have just completed my second year of the Bachelor of Health Sciences degree and plan to complete my degree next year before moving onto post-graduate study. I am currently flatting in the city and love the challenges of independence.

I am grateful for the time I have spent at Liggins and look forward to supporting you as you begin this exciting journey.

Image:Mollyanderson.jpg Molly Anderson Ex Kings College
Student Mentor

My name is Molly Marie Anderson. I went to Otahuhu College for 3rd to 5th form and finished my high schooling at King's College for 6th and 7th forms. My past involvement with the LENScience-Friedllander Scholarhip programme was as a year 13 student leaver in the Whakapiki Ake Project.
I am living at home with my parents while I am studying. I am currently waiting for my results for a Certificate in Health Science and have applied for the Bachelor in Health Sciences programme. My future plans are to work hard, get into medical school and become a doctor.

Image:Lindahuang.jpg Linda Huang Ex Southern Cross Campus
Student Mentor

Hey all, I'm Linda Huang. My last year of high school was in 2008 at Southern Cross Campus where I first got involved with the Friedlander's scholarship. The scholarship has definitely had an impact on my first year of tertiary study, giving me confidence in networking and also an insight into my degree. I flatted near the univeristy while studying in my first year of the Biomedical programme. I hope to study medicine in the future and also gain experience in research.

I look forward to meeting you all and hope you enjoy your time in this programme.

Image:Panianewton.jpg Pania Newton Ex Te Kura Māori O Nga Tapuwae
Student Mentor

Kia Ora my name is Pania Newton and I am in my first year studying a conjoint degree in Law and Health Sciences. At the moment I aspire to be a medical lawyer in the future. I recently left high school last year where I attended a small Māori school in South Auckland, known as Te Kura Māori O Nga Tapuwae. Although I didn't live far from University I decided to flat in the city so I could be closer to my classes.
Through the Whakapiki Ake Programme I was influenced to study Health Science at University and applied for a scholarship from the NRCGD. Fortunately enough for me I was successful in receiving a place in last years summer exposure programme which was heaps and heaps of fun. The benefits I gained form this experience were endless, I met a lot of new friends, learnt heaps of new things related to science and medicine and got to participate in heaps of fun activities.

I hope I can make your experience on this programme as fun as mine was, and look forward to having loads of fun. Mauri Ora!!

Image:Staceyonekawa.jpg Stacey Onekawa Ex Church College
Student Mentor
Kia ora
I am a graduate of Church College of New Zealand where I met the Whakapiki Ake team. Through them I was able to participate in COACH and the Summer Exposure Programme in 2008. These programmes helped me build a foundation for a career in health. This year I lived at home and completed the Certificate in Health Sciences Programme at The University of Auckland. Next year I hope to gain entry into the Bachelor of Health Science degree.
Image:Preekeshpatel.jpg Preekesh Patel Alfriston College
Student Mentor

Hey guys, I’m Kesh. I completed 7th form at Alfriston College in 2008, which is when I was a participant in the LENScience Friedlander Biomedical Science Summer School as a Year 13 student. This provided me with a great foundation for my first year of university study and made the change from college to uni life so much easier. This year, I decided to live at home and completed the first year of my BSc Biomedical Science Degree at the University of Auckland. Next year I hope to gain entrance into the Auckland Medical School and in the future I plan on having a career in healthcare.

I hope that you guys make the most of all the opportunities that come your way, and have an awesome time at the Summer School.

Image:Sarahpavadai.jpg Sarah Pavadai Ex Kelston Girls College Mentor

My name is Sarah Pavadai and I studied at Kelston Girls College. I will be a second year Biomedical Science student at University of Auckland next year. I would one day really like to become a family doctor and will work towards entering the School of Medicine as a graduate student. I was one of the very fortunate students to receive a Friedlander Scholarship in 2008. The many things that I have learnt and the good friendships that I have made from this programme have encouraged me to pursue my ambition.

I am happily waiting to meet everyone and to have a nice time together.

Key People

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Jacquie Bay Director, LENScience Summer School Programme Director Pastoral Care – students
09 923 4282