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“LENScience provides school teachers and students with access to scientific research communities. Programmes are designed to inspire schools to maximise student potential through a wide range of high quality learning opportunities for both students and teachers.”

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“Contact Us”

“LENScience, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland,

Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142, New Zealand

+64 9 923 5090 lenscience@auckland.ac.nz lens.auckland.ac.nz”

“Make a Booking”

“Bookings for these events closing soon:

LENScience Face to Face Bookings, Friday 30th September

Healthy Start to Life, Thursday 3rd November”


“Science Contexts & Stories“

“Explore research stories about the work of New Zealand scientists. LENScience has

developed teaching and learning resources to support the use of these stories in science

classrooms in New Zealand Schools.”

“Face to Face”

“LENScience Face to Face programmes are designed to provide opportunity for

engagement between schools, scientists and related communities. All

programmes are designed by experienced science teachers working within

scientific institutions.”

“LENScience Connect”

“LENScience Connect uses Satellite Television and web video streaming to deliver education

programmes that enhance learning and enable increased interaction and collaboration

between schools and scientists throughout New Zealand, creating interconnected

communities of learners.”

“Professional Development”

“21st century Biology education requires teachers to keep up to speed with current

  • advances in science. The ability to achieve this is a recognised concern of biology
  • teachers nationally. LENScience professional development programmes are
  • designed to support teachers in the development and delivery of high quality
  • teaching and learning in their classrooms.”

“LENScience Live Video Stream”

“The University of Auckland streams the seminars live over the internet for schools to

view the seminar online. The links will be sent out to registered schools on the day of

the broadcast for schools to hook into the live feed.”

“Maori and Pacific Initiative”

“The Maori and Pacific Initiative funded by Te Puni Kokiri with support from the

NRCGD aims to address the underrepresentation of Maori and Pacific Island

students in science and health related degrees.”

“News Events & Notices”

“Register for our next National Seminar Broadcast on February 17.

Friedlander Foundation Scholarship applications clode October 14.”

“LENScience Staff”

“The LENScience is a team of professional teachers , lab technicians , researchers

and support staff.”